Gazette Australia – Spring 2019

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I’m slow or in denial or both. Over recent years, with GA as an integral part of my life, I have tended to disregard many of the miracles that I have seen in the fellowship. Miracles such as:

  • People coming back after a bust.
  • Members reaching out to others.
  • The share that leads to a life changing moment.
  • Me challenging my own dishonesty and my other character flaws.
  • Self-professed gutter gamblers progressing from being a sponsee to sponsoring others and undertaking service in the fellowship.
  • Women and men breaking down while listening to a heart-rending share and embracing the speaker to show support and love.

I could go on and on.

Am I fair dinkum? I now concede that I paid lip service when I addressed Recovery Steps 2 & 3 during my work with a sponsor. I am now ready to do the heavy-duty surrendering as asked for in Steps 2 & 3 – something I now admit I should have done 3 years ago.

Miracles DO happen in GA. I am surrounded by them. I see them every day and at every meeting.

What must I do? I must acknowledge that there is a higher power in my life and surrender to this presence. My higher power knows better than me what is best for me. I tried to do it alone and I failed.

Whoever said that GA is a simple program for complicated people nailed it. I am living proof of this.


The Power of the Room

The door is open, it’s calling to you.
Come in my friend, we’ve been waiting for you.

A welcoming hand will greet you.
And the power of the room will embrace you.

We know you are lost and very scared.
But this is a thing we all have shared.

Listen to our words, and if you want, share some of your own.
For this is the way we all have grown.

If you should fall along the way, lookup.
The hand of care is still there, and that great power.

The power of the room has not abandoned you.
But awaits to rejoice in your return.

A poem by Eddie H, NSW