Gazette Australia – Summer 2019

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Auction of Broken Dreams

Lying around, are pieces of broken dreams.
From a long time ago.
A time when we held them close to us.
Somewhere never to be found.
But now, love and everything is up for sale.
To the highest bidder.

Once when we had dreams and visions,
now there are just Auctions of Broken Dreams.
And that is all where we all are.
In Auctions of Broken Dreams.
And that is where we all are.

Guy C, N.S.W.


There is a kindness that goes a long way,
in all that one creates,
whatever you put your mind to;
but some people are just too blind to see,
for a baby must crawl before it can walk.
But no baby crawls forever!

Because eventually, that baby learns to walk.
It is that natural process within us all.
It is that driving force behind us.
Our self-determination that helps us grow and mature.
But if we all try, we can all win!
I know we all try; we will all win.

Guy C, N.S.W.